Paizo in 2017, Starfinder, and Worldscape

Paizo in 2017, Starfinder, and Worldscape

Last week I was a guest on the popular Know Direction Pathfinder fan podcast, where we discussed a host of issues related to Paizo's 2017 schedule. Add an unexpected announcement of Bestiary 6 in a spot many people thought belonged to a previously hinted-at book to the already momentous announcement of the new Starfinder science fantasy RPG, and we certainly had a lot to talk about!

I always love chatting with the Know Direction guys. Their love for Pathfinder really shines through, and I know from seeing a bit behind the scenes that Perram and Ryan put in a ton of work putting it all together. I always feel so at ease with Know Direction that I never prep for their interviews at all, and take questions as they come, often answering with rambling, anecdote-laden meanderings. (Honestly, that's pretty much how I do all my interviews, now that I think about it...)

I've heard from a few people how much they enjoyed seeing my enthusiasm for the various projects that Paizo has lined up for 2017 in this video recording of the interview, and in re-watching a little bit of it just now I certainly do appear to be enjoying myself.

2017 has a lot of "new" in it for Paizo, and for me creatively as well, especially with the launch of my new Pathfinder Worldscape comic (which I discuss at length in the interview). I can't help but be a little excited.

I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed recording it!